2010 Player Roster

The 2010 RisingSenior All-Stars

RisingSeniors Foundation selection committee prides themselves on making player selections based upon each individuals accomplishments and efforts on and off the football field. We look for the student athlete who has made education a focal point as well as those players who have demonstrated leadership qualities, dedication and commitment to their community and teammates, and most importantly those players who show integrity.

  • Dedication Players
  • Commitment Players
Name High School Pos Height Weight  
Alan Carson Martin Luther King High School CB 5'7" 145 Profile
Alex Gray Peachtree Ridge High School Safty 6'4" 205 Profile
Austin Hardin Marist PK 5'11" 200 Profile
Blake Tibbs Martin Luther King High School WR 6'1" 170 Profile
Brandon Greene Cedar Grove High School Tackle 6'6" 276 Profile
Callan Gillison Chattahoochee High School OL 6'3" 275 Profile
Carlos Hood Stephenson High School DT 6'4" 275 Profile
Charlie Hegedus Lassiter High School WR 6'2" 194 Profile
Chase Roberts Greater Atlanta Christian School OL 6'3" 285 Profile
Christian Goodlett Peachtree Ridge CB 6'1" 180 Profile
CJ Moore Buford High School CB 5'10" 160 Profile
Darreon Herring Stephenson High School LB 6'2" 195 Profile
Deonte Scott Metter High School WR 6'3" 185 Profile
Devon Miller Charles Drew High School CB 5'9" 165 Profile
DiAndre Atwater Peachtree Ridge High School RB 5'8" 195 Profile
Dillon Lee Buford High School LB 6'3" 220 Profile
George Morris Central Gwinnett High School RB-WR 6'1" 190 Profile
Greyson Lambert Wayne County High School QB 6'5" 185 Profile
Jacob Sealand Tucker High School LB 6'2" 220 Profile
Jadarius West Charles-Drew High School CB 5'10" 170 Profile
Jafar Mann Stephenson High School OL/DL 6'4" 270 Profile
James Dean Glynn Academy LB 6'1" 185 Profile
Jarontay Jones Stephenson High School DE 6'3" 235 Profile
Joe Louis Harris Lithonia High School RT 6'4" 305 Profile
Jonquel Dawson M.L. King High School QB 5'10" 185 Profile
Jordan Barge Grayson High School DT 6'4" 290 Profile
Joshua Dawson Tucker High School DE, TE 6'4" 225 Profile
MALACHI JONES Wesleyan High School WR 6'1" 175 Profile
Markuss Eligwe Stone Mountain LB 6'3" 210 Profile
Micah Anderson Stone Mountain High School RT/LY 6'4" 374 Profile
Mike Davis Stephenson High School RB 5'11" 205 Profile
Paris Head Buford High School DB 6'1" 175 Profile
Quayvon Hicks Pierce County High School DT 6'2" 275 Profile
Raphael Kirby Stephenson High School LB 6'1" 207 Profile
Scott Hosch North Gwinnett QB 6'3" 185 Profile
Shadrach Thornton Liberty County High School RB 5'10" 190 Profile
Shaq Huff Eastside High School DT 6'1" 295 Profile
Shaquan Brock Camden County High School LB 6'1" 190 Profile
Sheldon Rankins Eastside High School DE 6'3" 260 Profile
Steve McKenzie Stephenson High School OL/DL 6'3" 285 Profile
Thomas Jackson Southwest Dekalb Center 6'0" 275 Profile
Tre Sorrells Alcovy High School RB 5'8" 170 Profile
Name High School Pos Height Weight  
Adrian Jacklyn Westlake High School OL 6'4" 245 Profile
Amba Etta-Tawo McEachern High school WR 6'3" 175 Profile
Carnell Boyd Westlake High School WR 5'11" 185 Profile
Charles Purnell Westlake RB 5'9" 160 Profile
Chaz Elder Banneker High School DB 6'2" 180 Profile
Chris Bingham Norcross High School K 6'1" 180 Profile
Corey Hicks Douglas High School LB 5'11" 215 Profile
Darian Smalls Dutchtown High School DT 6'1" 270 Profile
Daron Blaylock Walton High School LB 6'0" 221 Profile
Deion Bonner Carver Columbus DB 6'0" 180 Profile
Derious Bennett Carver High School Columbus GA DT 6'1" 285 Profile
Eric Zeigler Chattahoochee County High School DT 6'0" 295 Profile
Harrison Davis Walton High School OL 6'3" 250 Profile
Jacob Southerland Whitefield Academy OL 6'4" 260 Profile
Jamal Covington Lovejoy High School OL 6'4" 260 Profile
James Mathis Lowndes County High School DL 6'0" 250 Profile
Jaylin Piercy Griffin High School LB 6'2" 195 Profile
Jeffery Cameron Callaway High School LB 5'10" 210 Profile
Jeremy Daniels Lanier Co. High School LT 6'6" 350 Profile
Joe Faraj North Cobb High School OL 6'4" 275 Profile
Jonathan Jones Carrollton High school CB 5'10" 160 Profile
Jordan Fletcher Fitzgerald High School OL 6'0" 245 Profile
Jordan Jenkins Harris County High School DE/LB 6'2" 225 Profile
Josh Holsey RS Alum Creekside High School DB/WR 5'10" 180 Profile
Junior Gnonkonde Lanier County DE 6'4" 225 Profile
Kaleb Nobles Fitzgerald High School QB 5'10" 175 Profile
Kenneth Towns Westover Comprehensive High School WR 6'3" 195 Profile
Kenyan Drake Hillgrove RB 6'0" 190 Profile
Michael Hilton Sandy Creek RB/DB 5'9" 175 Profile
Nigel Matthews Darlington School WR 6'1" 185 Profile
Preston Mobley Colquitt County High School OL 6'3" 280 Profile
Quinteze Williams Sandy Creek High School DE 6'3" 245 Profile
Reed Allen Calhoun High School DE/TE 6'3" 223 Profile
Ricky Parks Callaway High School QB/TE 6'4" 232 Profile
Stephon Smalls Fitzgerald High School RB 5'10" 160201 Profile
Terrell Cason Cairo High School LB 5'11" 190 Profile
Terry Pettis Langston Hughes High School DE/WR 6'6" 205 Profile
Timothy Gurley Cairo High School CB 5'10" 180 Profile
Tolerance Shepherd Fitzgerald High School RB 5'10" 180 Profile
Trevus Edwards Fayette County High School DB 5'9" 156 Profile
Wayne Johnson Jr Chattahoochee County High School DB 5'10" 170 Profile
Will Adams Sandy Creek High School OT 6'7" 275 Profile
Will Gardner Coffee County High School QB 6'5" 190 Profile
Zach Gordon Carrollton High School TE 6'4" 230 Profile
Zack Blaylock Walton High School Safty 6'0" 190 Profile
Zedrious Wright Starks Creekside High School OL 6'0" 261 Profile
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