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Training Camp for Life

Each day the students are challenged with making the right decisions. Whether it is in the halls of their high schools or on the streets of their neighborhoods. It is our hope that by participating in the RisingSeniors Foundation Educational program the kids will learn how important they are to their communities and how making the right choices can also influence their peers in a positive way.

  • Financial Literacy

    We worked with Visa to launch nflpa.practicalmoneyskills.com during Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa which is an interactive website that educates students through a series of financial questions ranging from basic money skills to understanding credit history. Money management is something that any demographic audience will benefit from as topics covered range from debit vs. credit to managing a checking account. The highlight of the presentation features the interactive game "Financial Football" which combines the elements of a football game with answering questions regarding money skills.

  • NCAA Compliance

    Local NCAA compliance officials cover eligibility requirements, clearing house issues, financial aid and the recruiting process.

  • SAT / ACT Test Prep and Strategies

    With 70 years of experience, Kaplan is the world leader in test prep and has helped more than 3 million students prepare to take the tests necessary to achieve their education and career goals. SAT and ACT strategies are discussed during the program.

  • Alternate Careers in Sports

    Career options within the sports industry are examined. Specific jobs are discussed as well as the importance of developing your skill set – resume building, applying for internships and networking.

  • Choices & Consequences

    All choices made by students will have consequences that can affect them for the rest of their lives. With personal conduct being at the forefront in college and the NFL, students will hear first-hand how things can be taken away in an instant as the result of making the wrong decisions.

  • Drug-Free Sports

    Professional counselors and people with first-hand experience of the downfalls of using drugs speak on the importance of drug-free sports.

  • Gang Involvement

    Risk factors, influences and protective factors are discussed including the needs of communities and youth who live in the presence of youth gangs.

  • Sports/Social Media Training

    With so many hidden dangers of Face Book and My Space, MVP Sports Media is fully equipped with know-how, experience and leading-edge technologies to provide student-athletes the best sports media training, public speaking training and strategic communications planning available.

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